Tuff Gloss

Tuff Gloss is our standard display board.  Fabricated with a recycled chip center and a high gloss finish, it provides our customers with a polished, lustrous surface that is perfect for printing and cutting.  It has an equal coating on both sides and takes all types of printing inks.  Use it for your quality jobs where a shiny finish is essential.


  • Substrate:  Chipboard. Economical brown/gray recycled cardboard 
  • Coating / Finish:  Litho paper. Available coated one (C1S) or two sides (C2S)
  • Weights:  14 ply (.050), 28 ply (.090) 
  • Sizes: 28x44, 32x40, 40x60 or customized to your specifications


  • Indoor displays
  • POP displays, counter & hanging signs
  • Screen printing, offset printing, UV printing, digital imaging
  • Hot or cold mounting